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Youtube Marketing: Four (4) Ways To Increase Views On Your Youtube Videos

youtube marketing

Sixty (60) hours of video are uploaded per minute and over 4 billion are viewed each day. These are just a couple of impressive facts and statistics that Youtube has. Marketing-wise, 500 messages containing its link are tweeted every 60 seconds and millions of subscriptions happen every 24 hours. Needless to say, this is one of the most popular social media channels a business owner could take advantage on to spread their ideas, services and products.
Below is a quick checklist to show how you could increase views on your Youtube videos.

1. Content. Content is king regardless of its form. Whether it is text, image or vid, what the reader learns from your shared info makes a huge difference.

 • Target your niche. Just like blogging, you need to find topics that are relatable to your niche. For instance, if you are a Philippine SEO enthusiast, a good way to promote your skills to the Filipino audience is by uploading Philippine SEO trainings specifically applicable in the PH market. To cite an example, posting in is an effective method to improve the web traffic of a PH website. A strategy that you could apply is to create a tutorial on how to maximize the Sulit site for Pinoy entrepreneurs. Keep in mind that the more targeted you are to your crowd, the better.
• Consider virality. In order for it to be viral, it has to be very engaging. So engaging that after watching 10 seconds, the people would be inclined to finish the entire thing and recommend it to their friends. Focus on the things that draw out emotions – fear, anger, happiness, sadness. The stronger the feelings are, the higher the chance that readers would share it.
• Keep it two minutes max. Users have a very short span of attention so it’s best to maintain the length within the two-minute-time-frame.

2. Interactions. This pertains to likes, ratings, and comments to other users in the community. Recently, the video giant announced that commenting now requires Google+ profiles or IDs. Their tagline for the transformation: “Conversations that matter to you”. Your technique then, is to work on improving interactive and lively conversation with the rest of the Youtubers.

3. Optimization. Optimizing your channel is a given protocol. Remember that Google is your best friend so integrate those keywords in the descriptions, make your title as defined as possible and tag your vids appropriately.

4. Syndication. Promotion need not stop in the interface of Youtube alone. Learn to cross-promote. Embed them in your blog, tweet their links or hold contests on your fan page to boost your views.

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